Repin an S13 ECU to fit an S14 (97/98)

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Repin an S13 ECU to fit an S14 (97/98) Empty Repin an S13 ECU to fit an S14 (97/98)

Post by dabears_23 on Tue Jan 04, 2011 8:25 pm

5 Speed swap is nearly complete. I bought the parts in a bundle and it came with basically everything minus a few little things. My car is an S14 (98) and the tranny is on the car runs and drives but the ECU in the car is the stock auto ECU and its due for emissions in a few months. Is there a way to repin the s13 ECU (similar to repining a 95-96 to work on 97-98) to make the car pass. I dont wanna buy a ECU when I have a perfectly good one laying around. thanks

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