z32 brake upgrade on s 14 stainless lines

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z32 brake upgrade on s 14 stainless lines

Post by kg300zxtt on Thu Jan 28, 2010 8:52 pm

This is my z32 30mm brake upgrade on my s14

What u need:
z32 calipers 200-350$
z32 rotors 10-200$
z32 pads 10-120$
conversion lines (these are agency power) 70-100$

I think everyone knows how to do this so I'm just gonna show u what i did
The hardest part is taking off the bolts and those brake lines without damaging them.(so be prepared to repair those)
and cutting the stock dust shield ( I modified mine so it clears the rotor and still serves its purpose)

I used a small die grinder with a metal brush to get them this clean 1hour

Mask all areas that u don't need to paint

This is a ceramic red caliper paint 3 coats are good it cures for a few days in then when u install them the heat will bake them in so they look powder coated. (Wanted to powder coat but the people that do it are assholes) Good paint looks very good.

I used white paint and a small brush on the lettering so it stands out more took me 30min

Thanks for watching If u guys have any questions just ask. this is my first post

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Re: z32 brake upgrade on s 14 stainless lines

Post by iroc2 on Thu Jan 28, 2010 9:36 pm

Awesome results! I'll keep this in mind!


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